Digital transformation in investment management - How cloud services and SaaS are accelerating growth.

Banks and neobanks

Expand your product offering and boost profitability

Launch new investment and lending propositions that your customers will love – in a matter of weeks.

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Accelerate growth for your bank 

Banks and challenger banks facing the high cost of customer acquisition can ensure their long-term profitability by providing valuable new services to customers. 

However, developing new products is time consuming and costly. Meanwhile, your customers are moving on to the next best thing. 

Bricknode gives you all the tools you need to design, launch and manage your own investment and lending solutions, quickly and cost-effectively. 


The digital investing opportunity 

European households continue to keep a disproportionately high share of their wealth in bank deposits, which can reduce purchasing power over time. Investing has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, and yet less than half of European neobanks have been able to meet this demand by offering investments. 

Bricknode Broker enables you to offer your customers a range of investing services, from robo-advisors to ESG-focused propositions, with ready-to-use investing apps and a full back-office operations platform. 


The power of digital lending 

Consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for faster access to credit, and an exceptional customer experience. The pandemic accelerated the shift towards digital lending and banks have a major opportunity to meet evolving customer needs. 

Bricknode Lending is a cloud loan management system helping banks automate processes, improve customer experience and reduce costs. 


Options for expanding your product offering 

When it comes to offering new products and services, banks have a choice. They can develop products from the ground up, partner with existing service providers, or utilise Bricknode’s technology. 

BuildPartner offeringBricknode
Complete control over product offering 
Your brand 
Keep 100% of revenue 
Not competing for business 
Little or no setup cost 
Short time to market 
Little or no development 
Outsourced operations 
Regulatory umbrella 
“Our aim is to provide cutting-edge brokerage services and keep pace with evolving customer needs. In order to achieve this, we need scalable operational infrastructure that integrates easily with our customer journey and existing processes. Bricknode will help us expand our brokerage capabilities while reducing our operational costs.” 
Meri Chachanidze
Managing Director, TBC Capital