Digital transformation in investment management - How cloud services and SaaS are accelerating growth.


Expand your product offering and increase profitability

Offer complementary investment and lending products to your customers with our end-to-end ​solutions.

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Increase customer value and grow your business 

Fintechs operating in the payments, savings and personal finance spaces can ensure their long-term profitability by providing complementary new services to customers. 

However, building new services from the ground up takes considerable resources. Meanwhile, your customers are searching for the next best solution. 

Bricknode gives you everything you need to design, launch and manage your own investment and lending solutions, with quick time to market and scalable pricing. 


The rise of digital investing 

Investing has seen a rapid rise in popularity, and yet less than half of European neobanks have been able to capitalise by offering investments. Embedding investments into your app provides your customers with a valuable service at the point of need.  

Bricknode Broker empowers you to offer your customers various investing propositions, from sustainable investing to robo-advisors, with ready-to-use customer experiences and operations software. 


The digital lending opportunity 

Consumers are looking for faster access to credit and a straightforward application process. The pandemic shifted customer expectations towards digital experiences and fintechs have the opportunity to meet evolving customer needs. 

Bricknode Lending is a cloud loan management system that enables firms to design, launch and manage a range of digital lending propositions. 


Options for expanding your product offering 

Fintechs have a choice when it comes to introducing new services to their customers. They can develop products from scratch, partner with existing service providers, or utilise Bricknode’s technology. 

BuildPartner offeringBricknode
Complete control over product offering 
Your brand 
Keep 100% of revenue 
Not competing for business 
Little or no setup cost 
Short time to market 
Little or no development 
Outsourced operations 
Regulatory umbrella 
“Alwy’s goal is to help its users put personal finance on autopilot. This new product will help us bridge the gap between personal finance and investing. Bricknode’s SaaS investment platform and APIs will enable us to deploy our solution much quicker because we won’t need to build all the core investment infrastructure from scratch.”
Christoffer Long 
CEO and co-Founder, Alwy