The Bricknode Marketplace has now reached 35 apps and works as an app store for FinTech applications.

Launching the Bricknode Marketplace accomplished several things for us, first we created an online store where the users of the Bricknode Platform could buy specialised applications to extend the functionality of the platform. For example there are applications available now for managing fees, working with transactions, positions and feeds. During the near future we see applications launching within risk management, portfolio analysis and much more. Currently there has only been apps launched for the back office user but there will be apps available for the consumer that the user can enable in the front end application of the Bricknode Platform.

Second, the Bricknode Marketplace opens up the whole Bricknode Ecosystem for external partners and enables other FinTech companies to build apps for the Bricknode Platform. For example we have apps today for electronic authentication like BankID, address lookup and credit scoring like Bisnode and many more are currently in development.

This also means that FinTech companies can develop products for the Bricknode Platform where they can establish partnerships with all the users of Bricknode and work with their data in order to create smarter and better financial services for their end customers.

Finally, our app store does not only contain apps but we have added several freelance consultants to the marketplace which our customers can get in touch with in order to build their own integrations or specialised apps.