Every month about 100 people turn to our support for help. And help they get, thanks to Mrs B. She busts ass every day to answer all of your questions. She is the unsung hero of our opereration.

Now, quite a few of you have turned to Mrs B with the same problem: An end user that can’t request a password. It seems the system can’t handle spaces in user names – but sometimes a space sneaks in.

Ok, so now you know this and will avoid any such foolishness. Good. But you might want to import a whole lot of users from…well, from somewhere. And what if those names contain spaces?

That won’t be a problem anymore. The next release (which we are currently working on, so it will be a little while longer) will automatically take care of this, removing any and all spaces. Isn’t that something?

We know this for a fact

I (your humble copywriter) witnessed the actual coding being done. Commands and computery things were written before my very eyes. Pure wisardry, like a thing out ouf your favourite fairytale. It was a sight to behold.

Money. Money! MONEY!

It’s Friday! This week’s playlist is all about that which makes the world go round.


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