API concept with woman using her laptop in her home office

API and NuGet Update

A new release of Bricknode Broker (2.27) is coming up next week.

We’ve uploaded the upcoming API release to a test environment, so your developers can update the “service reference” and fix what needs to be fixed before the actual update.

  • There are breaking changes in the methods CreateTasks, GetTasks, and ExecutionInterface.
  • The method CreateTradeOrders contains a new property called ShortSellingIndicator. In version 2.29 the property called SellType will be deprecated and ShortSellingIndicator should be used instead. These properties point to the same value in the database so it is simply a change of label in the API.

Check it out and the rest of the new API stuff here. The log also contains the address to the test environment.

A prerelease 4.0.0 of our NuGet package is also available.

– Team Bricknode