Use Position Manager to apply fund rebates to accounts through Transaction manager, save time and improve quality.

Bricknode has launched a new app in the Bricknode Marketplace called Position Manager and released a new version of Transaction Manager which now makes it possible import transactions directly from Excel.
Within Bricknode Broker the tables are optimized to show a huge amount of data which comes with a cost. The cost is a limitation of filtering, grouping, and sorting.
With position- and transaction manager, we make you limit the data selection and in turn, you have access to great filtering, grouping, and sorting.

These two apps can be used together, and become a powerful tool for applying fund rebates to accounts. You can use Position Manager to export average position sizes during time periods, in order to apply rebates from funds and then import this calculated data as transactions using the Transaction Manager app.

You can activate these apps in your back office system under the add-ons menu.

Team Bricknode