We are happy to tell you about new features and improved functionality in Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS).

New addon – Insurance Accounts

This add-on enables the possibility to work with insurance accounts involving account properties like Insurance owner, Insured, Insurance Payer. You can activate this add-on in your back office system under the add-ons menu.

Improvement in functionality to correct transactions

When correcting transactions, it is important that all transactions are corrected in both settle and trade dimension, to avoid differences in reconciliation. We should always try to correct the order instead of individual transactions. Therefore, we have added a warning text to eliminate the risk of making mistakes.

Performance improvements

We have continued to make general performance improvements in BFS to reduce the workload on the database. This makes the system work more efficiently and gives a smoother experience.

Please read the Release Notes in our Knowledge base to get all information about functional changes, improvement and solved issues in Release 2.07.

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Team Bricknode