As of this release of Bricknode Financial Systems we are introducing a brand new design, a new version of the advisor module together with an end of day quote feed. On top of this we have improved all our list views to include many more filters. Our next release will include a new database solution and thus this release includes a lot of improvements beneath the hood.

New design

Bricknode Financial Systems just received a facelift which is launched with this release. The new design offers a cleaner and more easy to use interface which adapts better to various devices and resolutions. A number of new features are introduced at the same time including a first page dashboard as shown by the image below.

BFS just received an expanded filter section above all lists where the “More” / “Less” button has been introduced to offer more filtering capabilities.

Another function worth mentioning is the Activity log where administrators, brokers and advisors can communicate with each other and with the customers within Bricknode Financial Systems.

Advisory system

The advisory module has been upgraded considerably as of this release. Within this module advisory firms and single advisors can manage and monitor their customer’s trades and finances. This module makes it possible for Securities firms to support their partners.

The advisory module now supports an unlimited hierarchy of internal brokers, advisory firms and single advisors as the image below illustrates.

The Advisory module can be activated by contacting your account representative.

End of day quote feed

Bricknode Financial Systems is now able to offer an end of day quote feed covering most global exchanges. This should considerably lessen the administrative load for back office personnel. The quote feed module can be activated by contacting your account representative.