In this issue of our newsletter we launch three main modules within Bricknode Financial Systems together with a few minor improvements. The main modules are:

  • Automatic TRS-reporting
  • International tax management with batch transactions
  • Enhanced portfolio report though activity statements

Automatic TRS-reporting

BFS now offers complete support to handle automatic management of TRS (Transaction Reporting System) reporting to financial regulators. A complete video guide is now available through the link below.

Bricknode Knowledge Base

Latest article: TRS reporting

International tax management with batch transactions

BFS is not launching a brand new dashboard for managing batch transactions together with full support with regards to international tax. The tax management includes source tax withholding, double taxation agreements together with much more. A video guide covering the functionality of the module and how it can be configured is found below.

Article link: International tax management

Enhanced portfolio report through activity statements

With this release a new report is available in BFS called Activity Statement which offers more detailed information with regards to account activity in relation to the more basic account statement. Read the article below to learn more about this report and how the values are calculated.

Article link: Activity statement

Expanded functionality to manage date for quote imports

Two new functions have been launched in order to simplify the management of importing quote history. Read the article below for a closer look at these functions.

Article link: Import historical data