Bricknode launches Knowledge Base

To keep up with the growth of Bricknode Financial Systems there is a need for a knowledge base online. The KB covers articles, best practice etc. which will grow into a comprehensive library. Bricknode recently started working on this project which expands daily.

Bricknode Knowledge Base

Latest article: Export historic instrument data

Expanded management of average acquisition value

BFS supports as of this release an expanded functionality to manage average acquisition value of positions. The AAV is calculated continuously within BFS when purchases and sales are conducted of financial assets. Issues might arise when a security is transferred from an external system and in those cases the AAV has to be modified. Bricknode has created an article in the Knowledge Base where this functionality is described. Click the link below to view the article.

Article link: Managing average acquisition value

Export of historic instrument data

Bricknode strives to constantly make data available for export in order to work with the data in external systems if need be. Within the current release a function has been added which makes it possible to export historic data for financial instruments. Read the article below which describes this functionality.

Article link: Export historic instrument data