Time to reconcile!

2.16 really is too modest a version number. It should’ve been called something grand, like Bricknode Broker 2000X Ultra. But 2.16 will have to do.

It does do great things, though.

Reconciliation in a jiffy

Reconciliation Manager is a new add-on, one that we believe will make a real difference in your daily work. Reconciling accounts in Bricknode Broker will be a breeze from now on.

Custody accounts in relation to custody accounts at the bank can be done from the position overview, just as before. But custody accounts in relation to other accounts in Bricknode Broker, such as counterparty accounts and customer accounts, is now done with the help of the add-on.

Here is a walkthrough to get you started.

Coded: colour

Keeping track of all these entries on the screen can be tricky, especially at the end of the day. And on Mondays. So we went ahead and did something about it. Now you can colour code entries, making them easier to sort through.

Search made better

So maybe you have loads and loads of transactions, but you want to find just the one? Well, if you know the amount that is now as easy as pie. Type the amount, hit enter et voíla! That is if you type the amount in the right box of course.

As always our release notes gives you the details. Should you need more assistance than that…well, there’s no shame in asking for help. You know what to do.

/Your friendly FinTech friends at Bricknode