As a securities brokerage firm, you should constantly be looking for ways to improve the value for your customers. With the advent of PSD2-regulations financial institutions are being forced to open their systems to the world. This should not be viewed as a bad thing for financial institutions but instead you should welcome and embrace the opportunity’s that comes with this change.

If you are using a back office solution, like Bricknode Broker, that has an open API where you and your partners can access anything from payments to stock trades and securities information. You are then able to introduce all sorts of cool services to your customers who will love you for it!

FinTech innovators are knocking at the doors of the financial institutions each day with hopes of getting users of their products. One of the main hurdles is that traditional back office solutions has not had an API and thus it would be a costly, or near impossible, project for a financial institution to get this done in their legacy system.

With Bricknode Broker you can start partnering with FinTechs today and you can develop your own applications without having to ask the back office supplier to do any development for you.

This obviously benefits any associated financial advisors that you might have as partners. Since Bricknode Broker has an open API you are able to offer your advisors a way to build their own applications that can face their customers and generate more sales through a better consumer experience. Your advisors could also go mobile with their own offerings which you are enabling. This creates a high level of satisfaction among your whole network of financial advisors and increases your potential range of services and applications without increasing your costs.

Right now you can take the first step toward securing your place within the big bang of FinTech that is currently happening and not risk to be left behind. Sign up for a 30-day trial of Bricknode Broker today or get in touch with us for a demo!