See what’s new in Bricknode Broker

A new version of Bricknode Broker will be released on Tuesday night (15/9).

Activity Log – improved communication

It is now possible to send an email notification. Customers will get notified when they receive a new message on the customer front.

You can now assign tasks to resellers. The reseller will be able to view his/her tasks on the dashboard when they login to the partner front.

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New add-ons

We have several new add-ons in our Marketplace for example the MiFID 10 % alert which conducts a daily scan of alert enabled portfolios and financial instruments.The add-on delivers an alert report to you and can notify customers through different channels.

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Performance charts

We have added a new performance chart that shows absolute development. You can now select to show two charts, both percent and in amount on the analysis tab and the account overview.

As always, there are a lot of other updates and improvements. Complete release notes can be found in our Knowledgebase.

/Team Bricknode