Usability improvements has been our focus in this release. Here is just a selection of the improvements that we have made. For complete release notes please click this link.

Working with pie charts

We have improved the functionality so it is more user-friendly and intuitive when working with pie charts in Bricknode Broker. Previously, you had to write complex text strings. These are now replaced with simple drop down menus.

Improved search function when a user has several accounts

We have made an improvement so that only the account that a back office user is searching for will be displayed in the Account Overview. Previously, all accounts were shown and it was unclear which account was actually selected.

Extended System Settings for partner and end-customers

We added settings to make Bricknode Broker more configurable for administrative users in the back office interface, for example, more settings now exist to control what a customer portal user can do.

Please read the Release Notes in our Knowledge base to get all information about functional changes, improvement and solved issues in Release 2.08.

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