We are happy to tell you about some new features and improved functionality. For the complete release notes, please click this link.

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and to update your service reference. 

To test new features or changes, you can connect your application to this test/stage API:

Username and Password can be found here.

New Add-on – Pension Accounts

This add-on enables you to work with pension accounts involving account properties like first payment age, payment interval, payouts, etc. You can activate this add-on in your back office system under the add-ons menu.

Some new features in the API

Custom Fields
Custom fields enables you to add customized data to an object. Custom fields are implemented in our API-methods: Person, Account, Trade order, and Instrument.

A new parameter is added to the Sign and Auth request in the API, which makes it possible to use BankID for signing and authorization via the API. This means that we can authenticate a person that does not exist in Bricknode Broker.

New System Settings

We have added some new settings which give back office administrators more control.

Instrument Setting
We have added a new setting that enables you to add fund company name as a prefix to the name of the fund created by a feed. This setting is usable to separate funds with the same name in Bricknode Broker.

Login Settings
Back office can now easily administer how customers can sign in to the customer front, back office and partner via username or BankID.

Note! The add-on BankID have to be enabled to be able to get the alternative BankID Mobile and BankID

Please read the Release Notes in our Knowledgebase to get all information about functional changes, improvement and solved issues in Release 2.09.

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Team Bricknode

We like to take the opurtunity and thank one of our customers who came up with great ideas to make Bricknode Broker better. Thanks Henrik!