Bricknode ( has launched a new application in the Bricknode Add-On Marketplace called Fee Manager. The application can be launched as an add-on to Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) and is a tool for managing various types of fees like assets under management.

Bricknode develops and offers a cloud based financial business platform including modules like back office, financial advisory, account management, customer portal, real time trading and insurance.

Bricknode Financial Systems (BFS) can be used by financial companies to offer trading and investing in various financial instruments. The Bricknode Add-On Marketplace is continuing to expand and now launches a new application called Fee Manager. Using the BFS API developers can quickly create financial technology products and distribute in the ecosystem that Bricknode is building.

“We are continuing to experience an increased throughput of specialized financial apps on top of the core Bricknode Platform thanks to our Add-On Marketplace and our API. I recently wrote a blog post ( where I explain a bit more about the Fee Manager application” said Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder of Bricknode.

About Bricknode AB

Bricknode is a young innovative company focusing on financial software. Our mission is to empower our business partners to deliver the best financial products to their end customers and partners in the most efficient way possible.

Bricknode Financial Systems is a cloud-based platform, which makes it possible for securities firms and other financial institutions to establish themselves online and participate in the Bricknode network and ecosystem. Bricknode is the backbone of FinTech.

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Stefan Willebrand, CEO and Co-Founder 
Bricknode AB