Yes, once more it’s that wonderful time of week we call Friday. Here is the latest update from your friends at Bricknode:


We had a bug in our system. Or rather, we had an incompatibility issue concerning the formatting (or lack thereof) in the data we received when certain orders were handled…it’s all very technical. Suffice to say the system suffered terrible hiccups sometimes, and nobody knew why. For those of our customers that were affected this was a real pain in the derrière.

But not anymore! The solution turned out to be very simple: We put our faithful code monkey A on the job and withheld all bananas until completion of the task.

Two weeks later we let him out of the cag…work space. By then he’d not only found the bug, but fixed it and, as an extra bonus, had learned a lesson in humility. Alas he wishes to remain anonymous. But let us assure you we’ve given him lots of treats and several hours of time off for recuperation.

So: Yay for A!


(Well…it’s not really a breakthrough, but we wanted the alliteration, so…)

While our anonymous colleague chased down the elusive bug some of us were hard at work getting an instance of Bricknode Fund Manager ready for our latest client. Another way of putting it: We now have a BFM-client!

Implementing the system really isn’t that hard, that’s kind of the whole point. But until the actual software is ready we really have nothing to implement, so there’s been a lot of last minute details to work out. Also we like to be thorough. It is so ginormously embarrassing if things don’t work properly. Or so we’ve heard.
We’re not quite done yet, but the system will be up and running very soon. So, new product, maiden voyage. Exciting, right!?


(Totally off topic but hey, we really wanted that alliteration. And besides: it’s Friday!)


/Your fun loving fintech friends at Bricknode