At its core, Bricknode Financial Systems is like a database application for building financial applications where you don’t have to host and maintain the database. With its API you can basically develop any financial service that you would like and not have to invent the wheel again. Custom fields are a way for anyone to make BFS their own and use it for storing any type of data related to the different objects. Some examples can be found here and here.

We wrote a previous article here with some examples of how to use custom fields.

On our API site we have an article about custom fields too.

We think that this is probably the most usable function that we have in BFS to date since you can expand our core application to handle a lot more things than what we have come to think of.

Please let us know of any interesting applications that you have built using our custom fields so we can share this with the community!

Check out the full guide on how we used BFS to work with fund holdings to understand the power of this.