All the Bricknode characters are extremely happy that we just improved our design capabilities in BFS

Finance Victor

Victor has been frustrated for a while since he has not been able to enter a marketing message in the order confirmations that he is sending to his customers when they sign up for new offerings.

Victor uses the Subscription Manager app for distributing his order confirmations and he can now change his message and his layout whenever he wants!

Developer Simon

Developer Simon is happy because he has found a new tool! By integrating the report designer into his apps that he is selling in the Bricknode Marketplace he can offer even more value for his customers.

FinTech Mike

FinTech Mike has been thinking about how to solve the issue with getting his logos and dynamic content into the pdf files that are being generated in BFS. 

With the Report Designer he can now easily create the templates he needs for the customer communication in his brand new FinTech product. 

On top of that he just got five new ideas about new products that he wants to make.

Expert Lena

Expert Lena just finished this great new documentation about the Report Designer within Subscription Manager. 

There are now both videos and articles that will explain how everything works. 

Lena and her team is standing by to help any customers that needs their help with creating templates or additional education for their own teams.

Our general Knowledgebase is available here with tons of information about how you can operate your business with the help of Bricknode Financial Systems.