Getting the whole existance thing to run smoothly is hard. Sometimes you just have to go easy on people around you, and on yourself. Let things slide a little.

Other times you you just need to get shit done. And that’s what Rickard, our front end man, has been up to the last couple of weeks.

Rickard’s been hitting it hard for your sake. Good things are headed your way.

Coming up in Bricknode Broker 2.14

Rickard took it upon himself to make a few changes. He says they’re “improvements” and he’s usually a very honest man (unless he’s playing pingpong, cheating bastard).

One of the more obvious things is a new, easier navigation. The system will anticipate your next move and subsequently put one or a few options or actions front and center. It’ll make your (or your clients’) user experience a whole lot smoother.

A rose by any other name

Since Rickard is a man of many talents he also named this new feature. He calls it a “snabbmeny”. It’s poetry, pure and simple. We are proud to be his colleagues.

Back to the inlaws

It’s not all smooth. Life gets the hickups sometimes. Things get all weird, out of sync. And that is what makes life so interesting.

This week’s playlist is a little reminder to embrace strangeness. Enjoy!

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