Bricknode has released a new version of Fee Manager offering you a more dynamic way of applying any fee types that you like.

The main benefits of version 1.1 is that you can publish your fees for assets under management to BFS, instead of just generating a report, and import any fees or transactions that you would like directly from Excel.

Transaction Reference

With the new transaction reference it is possible to enter a custom transaction text which will be shown for the end customer, for example management fee.

Do not allow negative balances

We have included the functionallity “Do not allow negative balances”. Accounts that does not have cash available in the correct currency will not be imported. Instead an e-mail will be sent with an excel file containing the failed transactions. This file can be imported again after you have made adjustments to the relevant BFS accounts.

You can activate this add-on in your back office system under the add-ons menu.