Funky Freaky Friday!

Yes, it’s time to get your freak on together with the Bricknode crew.

Here’s what’s new this week:

Independent developer decision making

One of our developers took it upon himself to fix a small but overlooked (and, in retrospect, obvious) miss in Bricknode Broker: The ability to use ISIN numbers to identify assets when importing prices.

Reactions here at the office have spanned from “Well done!” to “About bloody time” and, at the marketing department, “How nice! Who is Isin and why is she expecting a call?”

Anyway, this might come in handy for some of you. So that’s good.

We’ve stopped moving…

Last Friday we finally moved the last stuff from our old office. And there are some changes coming up soon, because we are about to change brands…sort of.

That is, Bricknode will still be Bricknode, but the company group that we are a part is about to be reborn. Chances are you wouldn’t notice it if we didn’t tell you. But we’re told transparency is a thing nowadays. So here we are, being transparent.

Happy feet can’t be still!

This week’s ne plus ultra (that’s french for the shiznit):

A Bricknode playlist for your listening pleasure

Most of us chipped in, putting our souls on display for our customers to see.
Be gentle. Party hard.

Forever yours