It has been a hectic yet transformational year for Bricknode. We grew our workforce, opened new offices, welcomed new customers, expanded internationally and completed a successful listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market! 

Bricknode’s cloud financial services platform helps customers quickly deploy new digital products and transform existing operations. The SaaS solution makes it easy for customers to implement new software and capabilities, without the need for costly consultants. 

The global shift towards cloud services is rapid, but estimates show that we are only 20% into this transformation. The trend towards the cloud in the financial sector started in fintech but has spread to established players who are now building their development forward in the cloud to ensure security, compliance and cost efficiency. Bricknode was a pioneer in cloud solutions and continues to lead the way with its capabilities.  

Bricknode’s SaaS platform plays an important role as the financial market is modernized and companies require infrastructure to be able to digitalize and build their own offerings out to customers.  

So, what happened during the year? 

After more than 10 years of development, 2021 was the year we shifted our focus towards marketing and sales. We established an important partnership with Additiv, offering cloud-based wealth management and brought in several new customers. Our agreement with TBC Capital, Georgia’s leading investment bank, marked an important milestone for our international expansion. The deal increases our monthly recurring revenue by 20%, on average. 

During the year, we consistently strengthened our resources in marketing, sales, product, customer success and development. To support our growth, we opened offices in London and Stockholm. 

We recruited the entire development team from Nord Fondkommission, securing important development resources for the future. Unlike many other companies, we do not have to worry about a lack of development capacity in the coming years. 

On 9 November, we listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market following a heavily oversubscribed share offering. We also carried out an over-allotment issue, which was signed in full by Dr Saeid Esmaeilzadeh. 

On 30 November, we published our first quarterly report as a listed company. Third quarter net revenue increased by 33% compared to the same period last year, reflecting our ability to expand our services to both existing and new customers. 

With the festive season upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and restful holiday. Bricknode enters 2022 with great confidence, a solid workforce, secured capital and a fantastic platform that ensures expansion in both Sweden and internationally. Follow our progress via our website and on social media. 

Happy holidays! 

Stefan Willebrand and the Bricknode team