Midsummer is one of the great traditions in Sweden and since that’s the birthplace of Bricknode, we fully embrace the celebration. 

What is Midsummer? 

Midsummer celebrations mark the time of year around the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – the longest day of the year. It is usually an occasion where family and friends will gather, share food and drink together and have a dance! 

Celebrations typically begin on Midsummer’s Eve (24 June) when many Swedes will head to the countryside to kick off festivities. 

Traditions include making flower garlands, lunch consisting of pickled herring with potatoes, a drink or two of Aquavit (schnapps), followed by dancing around a tall pole decorated with fresh flowers. 

Midsummer will hold even greater meaning this year as restrictions on large gatherings brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have been eased. 

Midsummer 2022: the most expensive ever 

Midsummer also stands out this year for an entirely different reason. According to SEB’s Midsummer Index (in Swedish), 2022 is the most expensive year on record measured by a typical basket of Midsummer goods. 

Inflation and a rapid increase in food prices are to blame for the added expense, with prices having risen by an average of 11.7%. 

We shared some of our own thoughts on inflation and protecting your capital earlier this year. Bricknode is helping to democratize investing with its core brokerage software, meaning greater access to tools that can help counter the effects of inflation.    

Happy Midsummer from everyone at Bricknode!