Untie is a customer of Bricknode who offers savings and loan products to companies and consumers. During 2019 Untie decided to offer a public investment product by issuing preference shares and was able to assemble this service by using multiple building blocks from Bricknode. The requirements were as follows.

The requirements


On its current website Untie wanted to integrate with the system that managed the preference shares via API to permit automatic onboarding of customers with electronic authentication. Untie also wanted to be able to show real time information for their customers regarding the investment products performance and let the customer buy and sell preference shares. Investors could be individuals, companies or parents investing for their kids.

Management of the product lifecycle

The system where the preference shares were going to be managed had to be able to interact with the official register of shareholders which Untie keeps at Nordiska Värdepappersregistret, perform corporate actions like applying dividends and distribute these automatically to a large number of shareholders, manage tax reporting and much more.

Back office administration

Untie wanted to outsource all back office administration for the new service including things like daily reconciliation, manage withdrawals and deposits, tax reporting, corporate actions monthly subscriptions and redemptions.

The solution


By using the API at Untie was able to integrate the preference share offering directly into its financial portal to let investors view their investments and track their returns.

Bricknode also helped Untie create a streamlined onboarding process where investors could submit their KYC data and where address information was automatically looked up using SPAR and AML checks automatically being conducted through an integration with Trapets InstantWatch KYC.

Much in the same manner as Bricknode helped Untie with a new share issue described in the following video:

Management of product lifecycle

The product lifecycle was fully managed using Bricknode Broker with a few add-ons from the Bricknode Marketplace like Corporate Actions, BankID, Instrument Management Stocks, Autogiro, Tax Management, Tax Reporting and a new add-on was developed to export data from Bricknode Broker into Nordiska Värdepappersregistret to update the register of shareholders to reflect new investors and their purchases and redemptions.

Back office administration

Finally Bricknode could even offer full back office administration to Untie through Brokerage as a Service where Bricknode staff takes care of all administrative tasks.


The whole project was completed from start to finish during 1 single week, including API integration by Untie, which is a great example of how the power of Bricknode Financial Systems can be used to launch completely new products and processes together with extremely short time to market periods.