Well almost, anyway. Life is like that sometimes. You have a full schedule but at the end of the week you still have nothing to write home about.

Our last fortnight has been busy, but humdrum. Our copywriter is now resorting to magic in his efforts to create something (this newsletter) out of nothing (sum total of noteworthy Bricknode events). The rain dances he’s performing is quite something.

Time to move!

In a bid to make life a little easier for said writer we decided to move offices. Well…it might have been discussed for some time, but the move did come about very quickly.

Most of you never visit us, even though you should (we are fun, easy going and smell great) so you probably won’t notice it, but if you do come by, you will be smack dab in the center of town. Very nice.

Also there’s a good chance this move will improve productivity to a remarkable degree. That’s what the boss says anyway.

Still going strong

Two weeks ago, we told you about how we were getting ready to go live with our first ever instance of Bricknode Fund Manager. We’re still doing that. And yes, we are still excited, albeit a tad weary.

And that’s about it. The next newsletter will be one with actual news in it. But until then we remain.

/Your fun loving fin-tech friends at Bricknode