Financial service companies are increasingly realising that focusing on their core business while outsourcing everything else is the way to go. Recently there was an article on Finextra with regards to third party vendors within the financial technology sector and how a lot of financial technology can be viewed as a commodity.

Financial service firms are even realising that a lot of technology companies can add value by even working in their own systems on behalf of the customer instead of training the personnel of the financial service company. Last week offered even more evidence of this when the large mutual fund operator Swedbank Robur selected TradeTech Consulting as their outsourcing partner for working in SimCorp Dimension, read the press release here.

A financial technology firm or a company closely related and specialised on certain software platforms can most certainly perform a lot of tasks more efficiently than a financial service company.

Bricknode has monitored this trend for some time and last week the company launched two new offerings. Bricknode can now create both outsourcing setups and even act as solution managers on behalf of customers who needs help with creating processes, performing day to day operations or architect new system solutions.