With the launch of Bricknode Financial Systems version 2.01 came the Add-On Marketplace where specialized apps are being built and offered in a rapid pace. These apps have the power to offer a customized experience with regards to executing specific tasks.

The Bricknode Marketplace is opening up to 3rd party developers and product creators within the FinTech community that can use Bricknode as the core of their applications.

Since the end of the summer we have produced apps like Subscription Manager, Nordnet File Import, BankGiro Application and now we are releasing the Fee Manager with more to follow shortly!


A quick video of the Fee Manager for BFS can be viewed below.

The first available fee type in the Fee Manager is assets under management. A lot of our users are keeping customer accounts with an external broker and then using BFS to mirror these accounts for their customers. At the end of a month or at the end of another period, our user would like to create a file with the fees that should be applied by the external broker. This problem is what the first version of the Fee Manager solves in a beautiful way.

As with all of our Add-On apps the Fee Manager can be tried for free during 30-days, please let us know what you think!