Many of our customers use Autogiro to automatically collect cash and send cash to end customers and they also use RecurringOrderTemplates to work with recurring savings. Until now it has been difficult to retrieve the generated AutoGiroOrders to check on the resulting orders but now we have just published this new API method which you can read about here.

In addition we also added a new property to GetTradeOrders where you can now filter on a property called FourEyesStatus and get information about it in the response. FourEyesStatus tells you if the order has been approved by a second person if you have this in your process for order entry.

Finally we added the response property AccountTypeKey to GetPositions. Up until now it has only been possible to filter on this property but in many cases when working with positions in the API you would like to know what account type each order is associated to. Historically the only way to get this information has been to also collect all the accounts by using GetAccounts which introduces unnecessary complexity to this simple requirement.

Happy coding!