New app: Bond Manager

Naming is hard. We fiddled around with all sorts of cleverness, but in the end this is what we got: The Bond Manager.

While the app’s name may not be so exciting it is rather practical. It… well, it manages bonds. Or at any rate it helps you manage bonds.


Capitalization, amortization, expirations and so forth is really simple. Tell the system what to do, and it does it for you. And every night it runs the numbers from the day before, creating accrued interest.

The tax man’s share

Sometimes you’re supposed to withhold the tax before transferring gains to your client. This is now automated. All you have to do is apply the correct settings for your client et voilá! The system does the rest.

We also put in a few fail safes, like a pop up when asking to expire a bond, so that capitalization can’t be overlooked. Not that you would of course, but rather safe than sorry, right?

There are a few more things that might interest you. As always we go through them in a little more detail in our Knowledgebase.

Do you want this?

Of course you do. Contact us and we’ll have you set up in no time at all.

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