Time for a short update for developers!

In release 2.23 of Bricknode Financial Systems, which is scheduled for launch before the end of January we have so far done the following things.


For accounts we have added the property IsLocked in all methods to enable you to use this when creating, reading and updating accounts. We received requests for this by our GUI users who are expanding their BFS usage in a great way!


For instruments we have added support for working with fee groups in all methods which relates to the new fee management functionality that we just recently started to release. We are really happy about this feature which replaces the rudimentary fee support that we had in BFS earlier. Feedback please!


Related to the instruments methods mentioned above we have also started to add API support for the fee management stating with GetFeeGroups.

Our NuGet package will be updated with the new features once BFS version 2.23 is released so stay tuned!