Rrrrrrrrrrr…..elease time!

We promised you a new version of Bricknode Broker, and tonight it’s here. And it’s packed full of good stuff. Here are a few goodies:

New: the Quick menu

It’s goood because it’s a menu that is…quick. Things you do often, such as trading, will be easier than ever to access.

New: Switch order button

Those of you who have the Switch order add-on will notice a new button in the position list. It does what the switch positions have always done, only it’s really, really easy to find. Plus it’s a happy yellow color.

New: Cancel internal orders

Carpe diem, no regrets! shouts your life coach. But sometimes you regret things anyways, like an order that wasn’t supposed to be. And now it is now much easier than before to cancel it!

Then there’s a whole bunch of other stuff. You can read about them
in the release notes.

/Your friends at Bricknode