White label, willin’ and able!

Tonight (that’s Tuesday, August 28) we’re releasing a new version of Bricknode Broker. There will be a few new things in this one.

One of these new features, the one we think will really make your life easier, is the White Label Manager. It’s a nifty little add-on that allows you to create white labels, adding customers and instruments as you see fit.

Once you’re happy with the contents of you white label, simply drop us a line and we will set up the actual homepage, provide you with a URL et voilá! Your customer now has his very own customized front.

Keep your eye on the price

Acquisition value is somewhat important to keep track of, or so we’re told. Now you can have acquisition value displayed in either the currency of your account or the currency of the asset in question.

Keep an eye on your customer!

it’s important for people to feel seen. Customer overview now gives you basic customer info at a glance. Username, personal/, email address and so forth are now at your fingertips, without any unnecessary fiddling around.

Add-ons menu

Exactly what it sounds like: A menu where you find all activated add-ons. Easy access for your convenience.

To see what API methods have been changed and how, please read our changelog. The log also contains the address to the test environment.

For complete release notes click here.

Coolest label

Miles Davis’ Birth of Cool was released by Capitol Records way back in 1957, and Miles might’ve been the coolest cat ever.

The coolest label, though, is arguably Stax.