I love metaphors! They are extremely useful for explaining new concepts before they gain mainstream recognition. Like the Ents in Lord of the Rings I also think that if things are not worth taking a long time to do, they are not worth doing at all.

We have built a real operating system for financial activities, the same way that Microsoft built an operating system for the computer. It took us 10 years to build this thing and for the next 10 years our plan is to become something for everyone.

Windows harnesses the communication with the computer and standardizes how you use the processor, memory, storage and much more. Bricknode standardizes how you perform financial activities of any kind. Trading stocks for us is like storing data in computer memory for Windows. Initially Microsoft had to create their own applications on top of their own operating system as well, like office. We have created “office”-like applications like Bricknode Broker, Bricknode Fund Manager, Bricknode Lending and a few more to perform specialized financial activities and we are just getting started!

Are you a startup FinTech company? Get in touch with us, just as a new software developer would not start off by developing a new operating system we can deliver it to you and you do not have to concern yourself with the nitty gritty details of communicating with the CPU, you can get started right away with building the business logic and customer experience.

Are you an industrial company with 20 shareholders where you are going to manage a shareholder loan with interest calculations and monthly payouts? We have the “office”-application for you!

We deliver the software in the way we think that financial software buyers should be able to receive software in the 21st century. Delivered the same day, no strings attached and completely composable and scalable. You activate the stuff that you need when you need it, just as the App Store, and you pay only for what you use!

Launching a financial service company or managing financial activities have never been easier. If you want to build your own applications for managing financial activities come join our marketplace and we will give you a free setup of Bricknode Financial Systems right away as a developer. Just as with the App Store you can build and market your own business on top of ours.

Let’s start the together!