A new release of Bricknode Broker is coming up next week on Monday, August 30, between the hours of 20.00 and 22:00.

We’ve summarised the key changes for you below and you can find a link to the full release notes at the bottom of this email.

Autogiro in all order flowsWe’re excited to share a highly requested feature we’ve been busy creating. We now support monthly savings and one-time payments via autogiro directly in funds or other instruments and it works from all our order routes (executions interface).The trade order ticket has gotten an updated look and all order flows will use the same trade ticket. (previously MFEX-orders had another order ticket ). We also added more log functionality, for example, imported autogiro files are now also saved and can be found in the logs. Learn more

API & NuGetWe’ve uploaded the upcoming API release to a test environment, so your developers can update the “service reference” and fix what needs to be fixed before the actual update.

We have two new methods for order actions, ExecuteOrders, and SettleOrders, these are used to influence orders after they have been created. We also have a new method for creating trade orders from Autogiro deposits, CreateTradeBuyOrdersFromAutogiro. Check it out and all the new API stuff here. The log also contains the address to the test environment.

A prerelease 6.1.0 of our NuGet package is also available.

The system update includes releases from 2.33 to 2.36 and complete release notes can be found in our Knowledgebase.
/Team Bricknode