We are happy to tell you about the new release of Bricknode Broker, that will be released soon.

New Add-on – Switch Function

Many of our customers have requested the possibility to handle switch orders. With this add-on can you conduct switches of instruments like funds, stocks, etc. It gives you the ability to directly switch all or part of a holding in one instrument, to another instrument.

Switch Orders is an add-on available in the Bricknode Marketplace.

New design on the login page for Bricknode Broker Admin

We have created a new design on the login page of Bricknode Broker Admin. On this page, you will find Bricknode Broker related information and articles.

Added features for a better overview

We have added a new section on the Dashboard which only will be visible if there are any locked out users. On the customer overview have we also added a new section, Recurring Orders. This section will only be visible if the customer has recurring orders like Autogiro.

There are a lot of other new features and improvements in this release so for complete version 2.10 release notes, please click here.

This release involves changes in the API, make sure to inform your external developers and to update your service reference.

To test new features or changes, you can connect your application to this test/stage API:

Username and Password can be found here.