Tax season is upon us again and here at Bricknode we have just released a new app called the Tax Reporting App to help you do this.

Once each year it is time for Victor, who operates a brokerage firm, to report taxes to the local tax agency for the country where he is based. This is usually an onerous process with a lot of data extracting and cleaning. Historically this has consumed almost the complete first quarter of the year for Victor.

Throughout the years, we have studied this process closely and created a new app to take care of this hassle once and for all. With the tax reporting application for BFS Victor, and you, can simply extract data directly to Excel where you can perform any changes or calculations that you need to do. Once you are done you can import the excel file directly into the tax reporting app which in turn produces the files for the tax agency.

Export – verify/modify – import, it’s as easy as that!

Within the tax reporting application you can decide if pdf files should be created for your customers within their account where they can see the data that has been reported.

The tax reporting application is highly configurable and lets you decide which account types, transaction types and financial instrument types to include.

Since you only use this app once per year we do not charge a fixed fee for the usage of this app or require any long-term contracts, you only pay for what you use. Instead we charge an amount per unique tax identification number that you are submitting reports for to the tax agency.

The tax reporting application is available in the Bricknode Marketplace right now with complete documentation in our Knowledgebase.

Our general Knowledgebase is available here with tons of information about how you can operate your business with the help of Bricknode Financial Systems.

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