New undo – almost as easy as not doing at all

Apparently, the instructions for cancelling a transaction already sent to the FSA weren’t good enough. We had waaaay to many people asking us for help, so we got to thinking maybe we could make this a little easier. We came up with a button.

When pressed, said button will automatically generate a cancellation et voíla! A cancellation gets sent to the FSA with the proper information attached. Very nifty.


Yes, our dear developers got so excited over the cancel button they made one more, just for the heck of it. This one deletes a transaction, just the same way editing its status and changing it to “deleted” did before. Try it out, you’ll get what we mean.

And that’s basically it. As always full release notes can be found here and the app is available in Bricknode Marketplace. And, as always, the folks at your friendly fin-tech firm wish you a fabulous and fruitful Friday full of the fun in finance.

Team Bricknode