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A new release of Bricknode Broker is coming up. 

Tag and identify custodians

You can now tag any legal entity in Bricknode Broker as a custodian and connect accounts to it. This categorization makes it very easy to identify custodians when making integrations, automating processes, and generating reports. You can quickly identify the accounts connected to a custodian, such as SEB, Avanza, or Nordnet, by using the custodian filter in the account list. This feature is also available via our API. Learn more.

API & NuGet

FeeAccountBrickld has been removed from the method ExecuteOrders, resulting in a breaking change. The fee account, set on the fee of the instrument, is now used automatically. If you were using FeeAccountBrickld you will need to update the service reference. For NuGet users, please update to the latest version of the NuGet package and review the code for any errors.

Check out all the new API updates here. The log also contains the address for the test environment where your developers can update the “service reference”.

A prerelease 7.1.1 of our NuGet package is also available.

Complete release notes can be found in our Knowledgebase.

/Team Bricknode