What’s new in Bricknode Broker?

Rearview shot of two young designers giving each other a fist bump in an office

A new release of Bricknode Broker is coming up next week. 

We’ve summarised the key changes for you below and you can find a link to the full release notes at the bottom of this email.

Improvements for Back office

Our developer team has focused on speeding up the system when working with orders and removing reservations. We made some updates to the account overview regarding deposits and worked hard on getting rid of a few bugs that might disrupt your workflow. Learn more.

API & NuGet

We’ve uploaded the upcoming API release to a test environment, so your developers can update the “service reference” and fix what needs to be fixed before the actual update.

Check it out and all the new API stuff here. The log also contains the address to the test environment.

A prerelease 6.1.1 of our NuGet package is also available.

Complete release notes are found in our Knowledgebase.

/Team Bricknode