I just need a few words to give you my answer to the title of this article, it makes my life easier!

Each time I find a new problem that should be solved within finance and I start to dream up a new application that I want to create I always use Bricknode as the core. It fills the role of being everything from a ledger with multiple transaction dimensions to CRM to a general database where I can store all my entities as Custom Fields if I wish.

It is forever expandable and I can build out my own functionality to extend the platform with extreme ease. With Custom Fields I can create my own state storage for events and with Webhooks I can get away from constant pull operations.

This truly is a real operating system for financial operations with the only limit being your own imagination of what you can build.

In our last release we added a first generic endpoint in our API where you can work with Custom Fields on any entity without using the specific endpoint of that entity. This was a fantastic idea by our engineering team and we are following up on this by adding new endpoints for creating and updating Custom Fields in our next release which I am keenly anticipating.

Please get in touch to explore how you can use Bricknode as the core for your next software project and cut down your time to market considerably!