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One system for all your needs. That's how Bricknode Fund Manager makes your life easier.

The all-in-one system for mutual funds, hedge funds, trusts, venture capital and investment firms.

Never miss a beat

Your most frequent actions and alerts are displayed on the dashboard.

Step-by-step guides for the less frequent activities make sure you don't miss anything important – or make mistakes like entering incomplete information.

Giving you a helping hand

Configuring Bricknode Fund Manager is done in a jiffy. Step-by-step guides help you through the process.

The system is self-explanatory, minimizing the risk of forgetting important actions.

You're in charge

Categorize and classify your financial instruments the way you want to. 

Manage investments, keep track of positions and check attributes, all at once.

Who can do what?

Access to data and functionality in the system can be customized to your organization.

The system's default configuration is only there to get you started quickly.

Real time pre -trade and post-trade alerts

There's a set of built-in limits, e.g. for UCITS compliance. But needless to say you can customize limits in order to ensure compliance with your fund’s own investment strategies.

Evaluation of those limits are performed both as a pre-trade step and within the daily NAV valuation process.

Compliance checks are performed within the system. No need for tedious integration or manual steps.

Set and approve NAV

The last step in the daily valuation process, before publishing the NAV, is to approve the NAV and fee (including management and performance fees) calculations.

You will also be informed of how the fund’s value is affected by subscriptions and redemptions.

You get a comprehensive overview of the fund’s daily performance and of which transactions, fees, and investment orders will be executed.

Publishing and reporting NAV the easy way

Reports of Net Asset Values are automatically generated and sent to a number of market data hubs according to your selection.

Who owns what?

Investors can be added and managed in the system as well as cash transfers for subscriptions and redemptions.

Easy order processing

Investor orders registered in the system are automatically executed in the daily valuation process and included in next day’s fund value.

There is also the possibility to exclude individual orders for later processing.

Build your own integrations to extend your business

Bricknode Fund Manager comes with an open API which includes methods for creating investors, investor orders, portfolio instruments, portfolio orders, Portfolio order executions and much more.

The API also enables export of portfolio orders to a DMA-connected order management system.

This allows you to build an integrated and highly automated environment around Bricknode Fund manager to create efficient processes with the rest of your organization.

If you don't have your own development resources you can find partners by visiting the Bricknode Marketplace.

Market data

Market data can easily be added from various sources and edited when performing tasks like establishing Net Asset Values (NAV).

In the NAV process, multiple layers of security are applied where valuation prices must be validated by multiple user roles before establishing the value of a fund.


Multiple settings can be configured for each investment in a fund’s portfolio. These include the accrual of periodic transactions such as coupons or rebates.

Even accruals of periodic administrative costs could be set up with multiple periods for accruals and capitalizations which include days, weeks, months, quarters, and custom periods.

This means that you do not need a separate system to keep track of administrative costs.

Regulatory reporting

The system is highly configurable from a reporting perspective in order to support the varying demands from diverse financial authorities.

Bricknode Fund Manager has built in support for generating required regulatory reporting.


Set up your own accounting rules and export to your general ledger based on the transaction types that are being generated in Bricknode Fund Manager.

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