Digital transformation in investment management - How cloud services and SaaS are accelerating growth.

Powering digital lending

Launch digital lending products and modernise your operations effortlessly with our cloud loan management software.

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Create bespoke lending products and manage the entire loan lifecycle 

Bricknode Lending enables you to design new digital lending products and go to market fast. Our platform automates loan origination and servicing processes, making it easy for you to achieve scale and grow your business. 

We can power lending solutions for companies around the world, from fintech startups to established financial institutions. Whether you’re looking to tap into the SME lending market or launch innovative peer-to-peer lending propositions, our system has you covered.

Our platform

End-to-end loan management system 

We help companies accelerate digital transformation and go to market fast. Streamline your complete loan management operation from a single platform that automates and simplifies lending workflows. 

Loan product builder 

Create consumer and commercial lending products with support for balance sheet and peer-to-peer lending propositions. 

Loan origination 

Fast track loan applications for your customers with automated workflows from application to disbursement of funds.

Loan servicing 

Simplify loan servicing with a clear snapshot of your borrowers’ positions and easy configuration of terms, repayments, interest and tax. 

Integrated CRM 

Improve customer experience and communication with quick access to information and tools for KYC and AML. 

Lending insights 

Real-time data and reporting enables you to identify borrowing habits and trends to ensure your products are meeting customer needs. 

Flexible APIs 

Integrate the software and tools you rely on or select apps from our marketplace including credit scoring, collections and compliance.

Managed solutions


If you’re looking for embedded finance solutions or want to outsource your lending operation, we can help with everything from product design to customer service. 

Product design and configuration 
Customer onboarding and CRM 
Credit scoring to suit your risk appetite 
Management of payment and transfer flows  
Tax and accounting integration 
Compliance workflows 
Reconciliation management 
Why Bricknode?

Lending expertise and technology, all in one place 

We’ve spent years building and operating lending propositions, including the technology needed to power them. Our team can provide expert guidance to startups and seasoned lenders. 

Your competitive edge 

Our cloud-native and modular platform means you’ll always be up to date and can easily adapt your offering to meet consumer demand. 

Scalable SaaS pricing 

Avoid the expense of software development and maintenance, with SaaS pricing designed to support your growth.  

Always on your side 

We’re here to power your success, not compete for business like some other investment and banking platforms do.

“As we create our new lending product, it’s imperative that we have the right loan management software in place so we can automate administrative processes and scale our operation without restriction. That’s why we chose Bricknode. Their industry expertise and offer of no setup fees were also huge advantages to a start-up business like ours.”
Richard Håkansson 
System & Software Manager, Lenpals